Suggestions for families

In Oskarshamn, there are lots of different activities to suit children of different ages, to make your stay in Oskarshamn easier you will find here our top tips for families.

The fantastic archipelago

As many may be aware, the archipelago is almost unique to Scandinavia, and in Oskarshamn we are fortunate to have access to one of Sweden’s 14 archipelagos, namely Misterhult Archipelago. 

The East Coast Trail

For 160 km, Ostkustleden winds its way through the Municipality of Oskarshamn, through the forests, beside the lakes and along the coastal strip. The trail is divided into 8 legs of around 20 km each, and at the end of each stretch there is an overnight cabin where you can gather new strength. The first leg begins at Lilla Hycklinge, and that tends to be where people set out from. At the Tourist Information in Oskarshamn, (tel +46 (0)491-77072) you can buy a special map, where the entire trail is marked out. The map is printed on stone paper, a very strong and waterproof material. 

Stensjö by

Enjoy the old cultural landscape that surrounds the unchanged village with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The cluster of red-painted houses lis in a bright, open landscape, with small winding gravel roads and miles of dry stone walls. Enjoy one of the shorter hiking trails through the stunning surroundings.