The fantastic archipelago

As many may be aware, the archipelago is almost unique to Scandinavia, and in Oskarshamn we are fortunate to have access to one of Sweden’s 14 archipelagos, namely Misterhult Archipelago. Unlike other archipelagos, the Scandinavian ones have a combination of skerries, islets and islands, all connected to a coast, which means that there are fantastic opportunities to head off easily into the special nature without any major arrangements.

Islands, skerries, bays, rocks and islets. Seagulls, sea eagles and swans. Sailboats, motorboats, fishing boats and scheduled services. A place for relaxation and adventure. 5429 islands puts Oskarshamn fourth on the list of municipalities with most islands in Sweden. Winter, spring summer or autumn. Whatever the season, Oskarshamn’s archipelago is fantastic and unique. There are endless opportunities for experiences to suit all tastes and interests. The archipelago environment is rich in magnificent nature experiences, cultural heritage, fishing opportunities and places to visit, as well as endless opportunities for swimming.

Visit the best places or explore undiscovered gems and enjoy everything the coast has to offer. If you arrive by boat, there are five guest harbours with different facilities where you can moor and spend the summer night. Choose from Klintemåla and Figeholm in the island-rich environment in the north, or Påskallavik in the south with a more open landscape. You can also moor centrally by Brädholmen or Ernemar, a stone’s throw from the city centre.

Endless swimming

If you fancy a refreshing dip in the Baltic Sea there are 18 municipal places to swim for young and old. Many offer toilets and showers, and some a restaurant, jetties and diving tower. If you prefer to relax on your own cliff, there are no limits to finding your own idyllic spot. Whether you are looking for a busy, action-packed place or peace and quiet on your own, there is plenty of space for both.

Oskarshamn’s archipelago has irresistible charm whatever the season. There is always something to explore and discover. In the winter, the barren cliff landscape is covered by ice crystals and you can walk along the coastal strip and feel the icy wind bite your cheeks. In the spring and summer, the landscape flowers, covering the sweeping cliffs in leafy greenery. Whatever the season, with the right clothing you can take a hamper and enjoy the basking sun and glassy surface of the water or foaming waves and biting wind.

A mecca for paddlers

Oskarshamn’s archipelago has everything to cater for your needs – the only limits are those set by you. Here you create the memories together with the sea and nature.

Paddle between the islands of an uncrowded archipelago and step ashore on your own small island if you fancy exploring. Feeling the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun as you glide through the glassy smooth water gives you peace and energy to recharge your batteries. There is help for beginners and opportunities for the most experienced paddlers to develop their skills. There are magical islands of all sizes and you can experience Oskarshamn in an unusual and memorable way.

Misterhult Archipelago is renowned among paddlers, and there is much to discover. Courses and tours are arranged from Klintemåla where there is also a useful kayaking jetty from which you can start when you want to discover your own oases to enjoy.

If you don’t want to paddle but just enjoy a trip on the sea, you can take a tour on the boat M/S Solkust out to the island Blå Jungfrun on a prawn or archipelago cruise. The boat started its career providing school transport in Stockholm Archipelago and can take 80 passengers. On the prawn cruise you can enjoy the delicacies of the sea, and on the other tours there is a small restaurant. Click here for an up-to-date list of sailings or call +46 (0)491-770 72.

If you prefer boats at a distance, you can watch the fast racing boats that compete once a year in different offshore classes. The tranquil water surface is broken and replaced by speed and action. Courses are set in both the inner harbour and further out in the archipelago, and the audience can choose from different places to watch the competitions and enjoy the action-packed excitement.

However you choose to enjoy Oskarshamn’s coast and archipelago, we promise it will be an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.