Make a visit underground!

Seize the opportunity and go on a guided tour at a depth of 500 metres! An experience you're guaranteed not to forget!

The Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory is a unique facility owned by SKB, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co. On some Saturdays during the year and during a few weeks each summer they offer guided tours of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory. They demonstrate and describe the work they are doing to ensure a safe future. At a depth of nearly 500 metres scientists and engineers are conducting field tests end developing technical solutions that will make the final repository safe for both man and the environment. 

Preregistration is mandatory and photo identification must be shown upon arrival. Get more information and book your tour now by calling the Tourist Information in Oskarshamn on the following number +46 (0)491 770 72.

Allow approx. 30 minutes transport time each way. The tour is completely free of charge. The tour lasts for just over 2 hours and casual clothing is recommended. The lower age limit is 7 years. This tour is not suitable for disabled persons or persons having trouble walking without assistance of any kind. 

Coordinates to Urbergsentrén (where the tour starts):

Latitude N 57'  24,775'
Longitude E 016'  39,407'