Gotland + Oskarshamn

Over the years, the majestic Gotland ferry has come to be a natural feature of Oskarshamn. 2019 is no exception. There will in fact be even more trips across the Baltic. We will also be bringing Gotland’s national sport to the mainland.

All around the world, people are working hard to protect the environment and identify alternative ways of running vehicles. Destination Gotland is on the case too.

“This year we’re presenting a new LNG ferry,” explains Adam Jacobsson, Sales and Marketing Director at the company. “It runs on liquid natural gas and is part of our sustainability work.”
The new ferry will be mostly trafficking the stretch between Nynäshamn and Visby, but it will also cover a number of selected routes from Oskarshamn.

Destination Gotland is also increasing its service between the magical island and the mainland.

“We’re expanding capacity by 20 percent,” says Adam. “In previous years we’ve been fully booked for a lot of the peak season, so we’re basically adding more trips.”

White Guide
Every summer, vast numbers of visitors are transported across the Baltic. The big challenge for Destination Gotland is therefore to extend the peak season.

“We’re not really out to increase the number of visits during peak season,” says Adam Jacobsson. “Visitor numbers essentially look after themselves. No, it’s more about trying to broaden and extend the season.”

Gotland is, and always will be a wonderful island with a fantastic range of experiences on offer, including dining, culture, sport and the natural environment.

“For example, Gotland boasts an amazing seventeen restaurants listed in the White Guide, ten of which are open all year round,” explains Adam proudly.

But now it’s time for Gotland to bring a Swedish championship competition in its national sport to the mainland and Oskarshamn, because on 31 August and 1 September, Fredriksberg will host the Swedish ‘varpa’ championships.

Kast varpe (throwing the ‘varpe’ stone)
About half of Sweden’s varpa clubs are based on Gotland.
“The varpa association thought Oskarshamn was a strategic location,” says Johanna Asp at Attraktiva Oskarshamn.
Roughly 150 competitors will be attending this year’s Swedish championships, and Johanna sees it as the perfect opportunity to market Oskarshamn.
“Organising a competition like this in the town is great fun,” she continues. “Although the sport doesn’t have a huge following, it’s still a Swedish championship, and there is also a natural link between us and Gotland.”
The Swedish championship in Oskarshamn will include Lagkula (2-person team), a horseshoe centimetre competition and team horseshoe competition. If you’re not sure how to play varpa, its similar to boulesIn other words it’s easy to try it out for yourself, and who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked and start doing as the Gotlanders do: kast varpe!