Stensjö by

Enjoy the old cultural landscape that surrounds the unchanged village with buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The cluster of red-painted houses lis in a bright, open landscape, with small winding gravel roads and miles of dry stone walls.

Stensjö village takes you far back in time. A landscape that has been created by hay making and pastures over the centuries and which is still tended to, in part, using traditional methods. Living in the fields are sheep, cows and pigs. 

The setting is recognisable from Astrid Lindgren's films about the Children of Bullerby Village. Several scenes are taken straight out of the village or on the roads around the village.

The first written records of Stensjö from 1351: it is spelt “Stenzöö” – (the stony island). The name is easier to understand when considering how the landscape looked before brooks and streams were drained to provide farmland. The area between today’s village and Virån stream to the east was surrounded by water in the past, a stony island.

Three scenic trails start at Stensjö village – the map shows where they go. Along the trails we tell you more about Virån stream, the meadows, pastures and forest. The east coast trail Ostkustleden runs through the village and is marked out in orange.

Click here to read a brochure about Stensjö by, and here to read more and see a map of the hiking trails. Some of the buildings in Stensjö village are open to visitors. They are marked by a key symbol on the wall – keep your eyes open. In one of the barns is there is a small exhibition which is always open.