Sun, sea and sand

When you’re living in a coastal town, everything has some kind of link to the water. Maybe you just enjoy swimming or fishing, or perhaps your greatest joy is venturing out onto the big blue in some form of vessel. Oskarshamn has plenty of opportunities for enjoying everything that the coast has to offer.

Did you know that Oskarshamn has Sweden’s best fishing ground for perch? And the fact that it’s great for both pike and sea trout only serves to further boost the area’s appeal.

“People come here from all over Sweden,” explains fishing buff, and one of the men behind the Super Pike Open competition, Martin Udd.

The major pike fishing competition is being organised for the fourth year running in the waters outside Oskarshamn.

“We’re hoping for up to 150 registered teams this year,” says Martin. “That will make us the country’s largest pike fishing competition, with a total of 400–450 participants.”

So how do you go about competing in pike fishing then? Well it’s no harder than it sounds really. You just need to catch the biggest pike. But after weighing, measuring, photographing and reporting to the competition management, you have to put the fish straight back in the Baltic.

“It’s called catch and release,” explains Martin.

Great prizes
Super Pike Open 2019 is held between 11 and 12 October and culminates in a magnificent prize-giving at Badholmen in Oskarshamn. The Oskarshamn competition has gained a reputation for not skimping on the prize money and raffle prizes.

“First to third place gets prize money of between SEK 30,000 and SEK 10,000,” says Martin Udd, who runs the competition together with Thomas Björklund and some of their fishing-mad family members. “And then we also raffle some great prizes such as sonar and outboard motors, so even if you haven’t had much luck with the fishing it should be worth going to the prize-giving.”

With an archipelago of over 5,000 islands, Oskarshamn doesn’t just attract fishing enthusiasts. Various sailing competitions have been established over the years, and this year it’s time for the Swedish Youth Match Racing Championship.

This year the competitions will be held on 27 and 29 September.

Events are important
The Swedish Youth Match Racing Championship is an event organised by Oskarshamn Yacht Club and Kalmar Sprint Sailing Club that attracts competitors from across Sweden. Match racing is a dual between two boats in which the only thing that matters is being the first to cross the finish line. Each race takes around 10–15 minutes and happens in the inner harbour. Around 40 matches are sailed in total before the Swedish champions are chosen.

“Events are important for a location for many reasons, the most obvious being that they attract visitors. But they also get people involved, raise the city’s profile, and major events with a national focus attract great PR. The Swedish Sailing Federation’s decision to move over to the east coast was a very welcome one,” says Johanna Asp, Events Coordinator at Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB