Waiting for the ferry

From the Gotland terminal, it is a short walk to the centre. You can enjoy a tour through our attractive green, leafy city park, where you can see beautiful sculptures by the sculptor Arvid Källström: ‘Lekande barn’ (child playing), ‘Råbock’ (roebuck) and ‘Näckrosen och Nätdragerskan’ (the water lily and woman pulling up the fishing net). Mr Källström is one of the celebrities from Oskarshamn and environs and also the grandfather of the person who put the city on the map politically: Håkan Juholt.

Our big themed playground is located at the edge of Oskarshamn’s city park, next to a beautiful bird pond. Here you can play on the pirate ship, splash with water play, or ride on the cableway or one of the many slides. There are small climbing frames for young children, and the ground is covered with a rubber surface so the children don’t get scrapes if they fall. An oasis for young and old conveniently located near a kiosk that sells a wide selection of ice creams and refreshments.

The Culture Centre is located closer to the city centre, where you’ll find the City Library and experimental workshop/exhibition Xperiment. There are also two classic tourist destinations here that have made Oskarshamn famous: Döderhultarn Museum, with more than 200 of Axel ‘Döderhultarn’ Petersson’s works, and the Maritime Museum, which provides an exciting insight into the development of maritime shipping in the Oskarshamn region. The Culture Centre is a perfect place for children and adults and is located next to the newly built square Döderhultarns Plats, which was opened as recently as spring 2017. If you would like to experience more culture, you can head for the manor Fredriksbergs Herrgård, about 2.5 km from the ferry. The beautiful and imposing building is set in an equally nice setting in which you can enjoy a stroll.

Oskarshamn‘s Tourist Information Office can be found on the first floor of the centrally located shopping centre Flanaden. Here we can tell you about everything there is to see and do in Oskarshamn, such as, for example, excursions, accommodation, food and events. You can also book tickets here for trips to the island Blå Jungfrun and the underground at Äspö, Sagabiografen cinema and Latitud 57.

The city centre has plenty of shops, and when you fancy coffee, the patisseries Nilssons and Flanaden boast tasty pastries and nice coffee. If you prefer an ice cream, there is an ice cream café, Glasscafé Mandarinen, in Stora Torget (the main square).

Besväret and Fnyket are the oldest city districts in Oskarshamn. Picturesque alleys and cobbled streets with pretty small wooden houses wind their way down to the harbour. Here too, there is an oasis if you long for a quiet moment with some coffee and home-made cake. A visit to Café Shalom in the beginning of Besväret will satisfy even the most discerning.

The Boat and Machine Museum shows Oskarshamn’s shipbuilding history. From here, there are also great views of the city and the harbour entrance. The harbour area also has many lovely places to stop if you fancy a coffee, ice cream or some food. Everything from good food and a cold drink at Seglarhyllan right by the quay, pizza and Asian food, to a gourmet dinner on the traditional old Badholmen. Why not stop at one of the playgrounds on your stroll around the harbour? There is one on Brädholmen and one that is beautifully situated on the just-mentioned Badholmen. Shalom, a nice old sailing ship to admire in the harbour, is moored next to the bridge to Badholmen. If you fancy playing some basketball and you happen to have a ball with you, there is a basketball court by Brädholmen.

A glimpse of ‘Långa soffan’ (the long sofa) is a must when you ‘do’ Oskarshamn. The sofa is the world’s oldest and longest wooden sofa. It turns 150 years in 2017 and measures 72 metres. Many have sat here waving to the sailors as they set off on adventures. A perfect place to look out over the harbour with an ice cream.

Is the ice cream not refreshing enough? Maybe you need a swim in the sea? There are two lovely swimming areas to choose from, both about 3 kilometres from the centre. Havslätts Camping in the northern part of the city and First Camp Gunnarsö in the south offer beautiful settings and lovely swimming. If you are hungry after your swim, both campsites have restaurants with nice food. Close to Gunnarsö there is also the nationally famous candle manufacturer Liljeholmens Stearinfabrik, where you can find bargain candles in the factory shop.

If you want to head out of the centre of Oskarshamn by car, then Figeholm is about 20 kilometres north of the city, a popular destination with fantastic nature experiences. A visit to the original and tasty patisserie Gesällbageriet is recommended. If you head south, you will find Påskallavik with Hamncaféet, Gästis and Källströmsgården.

There are plenty of nature experiences in the Municipality of Oskarshamn. Stenhuggarmuséet (stonemason museum) in Vånevik, the exquisitely beautiful Mörtfors with its picturesque guest house, and the beautiful Kristdala and Stensjöby are just a few examples. Many establishments around the municipality offer a lot of locally produced food and delicacies. The excellent ice cream from Wirum is a good example and can be found in Mörtfors and Figeholm, among other places.

If you are looking for sporting activities, Skorpetorp’s golf course offers 18 exciting holes and a nice golf restaurant, Arena Oskarshamn has a gym, water slides and nice pools, and Big Bang has bowling and laser games, and other fantastic experiences and great activities for the whole family in the evenings when you want to be indoors.